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Interview with Hubba Hubba

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As a brand, one of our missions is to acknowledge hard working people. The ones that hustle, day in and day out but don’t necessarily get the recognition they deserve. A lot of times, people with not so glamorous jobs, get looked down upon because they don’t work at a desk in some office building, or have the clean cut appearance of a Hollywood type. The boardwalk on Venice Beach is home to many talented street performers and artists, and …

The Hungry Hustle with Joe Ded

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It’s really amazing how much greater your appreciation for an artist can grow once you hear them explain what they had in mind. A lot of times artists like to leave the interpretation up to the viewer, but in some cases you get the pleasure of knowing what was going on inside the mind of the artist while they were painting. We recently interviewed Joe Ded about his art, and now that we have a greater understanding of the thoughts …

Coup Street 2013 Recap

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As another year comes to an end, we often reflect on what took place, where we’re at, and where we want to be. This was a big year for us. Not necessarily in terms of sales, because we honestly donated more money than we actually made, but because we challenged ourselves and tried new things. We explored our market. In this game you have to figure out how to stand out from the rest. What exactly is it that makes …

Coup Street and the Left Coast Family

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Coup Street is happy to announce a new affiliate that we will be working and building with, Left Coast Gear aka Left Coast Family based out of Oceanside, CA. We met them at the L.A. Breakers 30th Anniversary show, chopped it up, realized we both share similar missions and goals and decided we should work together. Similar to us, they like to promote others and are out to shed a light on the hustle and hard work of artists of …

Guess who is throwing an Art Show! – For L.A. by L.A. Presented by Coup Street

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That’s right everyone. We’ve attended and participated in enough great events that’s it’s time we throw our own. So get ready for “For L.A. by L.A.” Los Angeles artitsts and entrepreneurs putting it down for one day to give back to the community.  

Beat Swap Meet 3/17/2013

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Today we hit up the Beat Swap Meet in Chinatown/Downtown LA for the second time this year, and as expected, there was a great crowd. A lot of passion, a lot of culture, and a great place to experience all the elements of Hiphop within a 1 block radius. Shout out to Beat Swap Meet and all the folks that came out today. See y’all next time! Stay Hungry.

Pawz One’s Adventures in SXSW

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This week we sponsored Pawz One’s trip to buy facebook fans href=””>facebook page SXSW. Pawz has been putting in work in the hiphop world for quite sometime now. Soon he will be releasing his highly anticipated Face the Facts album. From March 12-17, Pawz will be putting it down and repping Coup Street on his road trip from Los Angeles to Austin, TX.  Follow the SXSW Pawz One experience here and on our

Coup Street at Full Circle Show

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At the December Art Walk we met Diego and Wale, the creators of Full Circle Show and CutterWelderMaestro. After seeing our booth and mannequins, they thought we’d be a great fit for Full Circle and invited us to come check it out. Full Circle goes down every 1st Saturday of the month. It’s a great community event, that brings together artist from all back grounds. A place that brings inspired and passionate people together, to appreciate art and the elements …

Conjoined at Copro Gallery

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After the Silver and True Blue battle, we hit up an art show at the Copro Gallery in Santa Monica. It was a packed event that featured several artists and some crazy sculptures. There we met Erwin from the LA Taco blog. So hopefully we link up with them soon.

Photo Shoot at Runyon Canyon

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This past weekend Coup Street went hiking with Paul Alvarez Jr. and did a fun photo shoot with some local hotties. When it came down to editing the photos, there were so many great shots to choose from,  narrowing down the selection was difficult. In the end there were still too many, so instead of uploading a bunch of photos, we decided to create a collage of all the coolest shots from that day. You can check out more of …