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Check out this dope coverage of our FOR L.A. BY L.A. event by Tommy Burns. (www.burnsalive.com)

For L.A. by L.A. – Recap

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First off, we just want to give a big thank you to McLogan for letting us use their location, and giving us the chance to throw something amazing. Secondly, a big thank you to all the artists that donated their time and skills to paint on the wall. It was incredible seeing all of them and all their different styles, side by side. We also want to thank the DJ’s for the great music, all of our sponsors, and all …

Craola’s “Stop Haunting Me” at MK Gallery

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SMH…in awe that is. Seriously, I was standing in front of his pieces, looking at all the colors, highlights, and crazy imagination, simply shaking my head, in disbelief of how dope his work is. Several times throughout the night, I was like, “fuck it, I’m gonnna break the bank and buy one of these.” But obviously I had to stop myself, because I can’t afford a $10,000 painting right now. Unless you guys by my shirts! So check out the …

Full Circle Show – April 2013

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On Saturday, we stopped by the Full Circle Show and said what’s up to some of the folks, and brands we’ve met there. Full Circle is truly a grass roots art movement, that gets bigger every time. This time we met some of the artists from the brand Fat Kid. Their brand has a similar concept to ours, in that “everyone’s a fat kid trying to eat.” Eat, being the metaphor of hard work and being hungry. They’ll be one …

Red Bull Curates Canvas Cooler

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Coup Street hit up the Red Bull Canvas Cooler event in West Hollywood Thursday night to check out some of L.A.’s best artists compete for a chance to go to Art basil in Miami. White Buffalo • Rose Masterpol • Dan Monteavaro • Jill Knox • Sand • SEK • Look At • Mtendere ‘Teebs’ • Annie Preece • Allison ‘Hueman’ Torneros • SEPTERHED • Blinky • TaylorSays • Man One • James Haunt • AJL • Vyal One • …

Slap Ya Mama & Copro Gallery Futurology

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Last night we hit up the Slap Ya Mama Sticker Exchange & Art Show that we participated in. It was tight being amongst a community of sticker heads, and graff writers. Shout out to Angel Once aka Angry Elephant for putting together the event. After trading a few stickers and slapping a few spots, we hit up the Copro Gallery in Santa Monica for the Futurology Group Exhibit alongside the Heidi Taillefer opening of Land of the Blind. Saw some …