Seventh Letter Grand Opening

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This weekend we went to the grand opening of the Seventh Letter flagship store on Fairfax. For anyone that was there, you already know how crazy and packed it was. Ridiculous! A bunch of people didn’t get in and pretty much spent their night waiting outside in that cold ass weather. Luckily the guard on the opposite side of the line wasn’t really watching his post and we snuck right in. Anybody that got there before 10:00pm, hopefully you did the same before they blocked the entrance with some benches.

For me, the best part was seeing so many people there to support. Of course Seventh Letter and it’s affiliates are some of the top dogs of the graff game, so a big turn out is expected, but it really showed how strong the community is. I saw a glimpse of what could be if we all put our efforts together. Hundreds of graff heads under one roof, supporting each other, on a positive art tip? I love it! That’s the kind of audience we hope to have one day at our For L.A. by L.A. shows.

I really hope the Seventh Letter take things to an even higher level. It’s hard enough to find a way of making money at what you love to do, but you can’t stop there. With the type of following and support they had at their show, I think they have a real chance to start a movement. To each his own, but personally I believe that when you have that big of a following and influence over the masses, at that point you’re obligated to stand up for the voiceless. They have a chance to educate, because they have the public’s ear.  I know it was just a celebration of their opening, and I’m happy for their success, but I hope they realize how much power they have right now. Whatever they do, people will follow. It could be the beginning of something great. We’ll have to wait and see.

Seventh Letter Grand OpeningSeventh Letter Grand OpeningSeventh Letter Grand Opening

Cale One K2S at ES Studios in Boyle Heights

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After the Mear One show at the Cave Gallery in Venice, we hit up Cale One‘s first solo show, “Creation: An Evolution” at ES Studios in Boyle Heights. ES Studios is right next door to Soul Skating LA which is the store we first got our shirts into. Cale One is from the talented Los Angeles crew K2S and has some serious skills with a spray can. His blends and bold colors create some amazing realistic and vibrant portraits and characters. Definitely be on the look out for what Cale is gonna bring in the future. Check out his website or follow him on instagram @cale_one_k2s. Cale One K2S ES Studios in Boyle HeightsCale One K2S ES Studios in Boyle Heights

Mear One at the CAVE Gallery

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We went to go check out the opening of Mear One‘s exhibit at the Cave gallery. It was a collection of Mear’s live art pieces from 2003-2012. In my opinion, Mear is one of the illest artists around today. I’m a big fan of when artists bring a graffiti flavor to fine art.  Not only do his sick style and trademark techniques stand out, but for me, the messages and images in his work have a big impact. Art is one of the best ways to get a message across. When you have the ability to say something without speaking and communicate to the viewer using images that evoke emotion and inspiration, you know you’ve reached a level of artistry that is hard to achieve. In the same way that Bob Marley believed the world could be changed through music, I believe it can be changed through art too.

Mear One art at the Cave GalleryMear One art at the Cave GalleryMear One art at the Cave Gallery

Not only was it a great show, but guess who showed up? Ron Finley! If you don’t know about Ron Finley, you really have to read up on what he’s doing for the community of South L.A. and all over the world. He is one of our main inspirations for donating to the Los Angeles Community Garden Council at our last For L.A. by L.A. – The GMO Show.

Ron Finley the Guerilla Gardener

Seeing Ron Finley at the Mear show really made me think. When you’ve got someone as powerful with words as Ron Finley, and you bring him together with someone as equally powerful with a paint brush like Mear, you have something special and a great opportunity to tap into the minds of the public and get them inspired on some real necessary changes that need to take place in our society. I’m envisioning a show with Mear painting live and Ron Finley speaking. Let’s do it!

Check out this video of Ron speaking on Ted TV a while back. Get inspired!



Coup Street Digs in with St. Johns

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In October, at our For L.A. by L.A. – The GMO Show, we raised $1000 for the Los Angeles Community Garden Council. LACGC is an organization that helps build community gardens all throughout Los Angeles. One of the organizations they work with is the St. John’s Well Child and Family Center on 58th and Hoover in South L.A. This past weekend Coup Street and cloud storage reviews a few of our friends volunteered at their “Dig-In” to plant raised bed gardens in the parkways around the clinic. Now the residents of the area have access to healthier food instead of the wide selection of fast food restaurants that surround the area.

We planted spinach, green beans, peppers, cabbage, and lettuce in front of 16 homes. Not only is the goal for people to start eating healthier, but to build a stronger community. The neighbors can trade food with one another, and help each other with gardening tips which creates communication and friendships develop.

As Coup Street, we strive to represent more than a clothing company. As we grow, and build our brand, hopefully our logo will view more encapsulate all that we stand for. We had a great day at our first dig and we’d like to thank our friends that joined us (Bette Shapiro, Divina Sevilla, Slot One, Alo) and all the volunteers that participated. For more info go to

Coup Street Dig-In with St. Johns Well Child and Family CenterCoup Street Dig-In with St. Johns Well Child and Family CenterCoup Street Dig-In with St. Johns Well Child and Family CenterCoup Street Dig-In with St. Johns Well Child and Family Center

Coup Street at Agenda

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Agenda EmergeThis past week, we went to go check out the Agenda trade show in Long Beach. The only way to get access to it, is either with a press pass, being a buyer, or if you got hoked up with tickets somehow. But this year they had the first “Agenda Emerge,” that was a panel/seminar featuring 4 CEO’s of the top street wear brands out there, Jeff Staple, Johnny Cupcakes, Bobby Hundreds, and Marc Ecko. So if you purchased a ticket to Emerge, you’d gain access to see the trade show. I really wanted to see where the level of competition was, and how high the bar is on what is considered the leading brand. As I walked the floor, I saw a lot of very clean stuff. But to be honest, design wise, I wasn’t too impressed. I wasn’t awe struck, and thinking to myself, wow this is way above my level. I thought to myself, “Damn I can’t wait till we get to this level, because we’re about to kill shit!” Perhaps those are delusions of grandeur, but at least I’m inspired, and ready to prove it. Some of the clothing was WAY over the top. All that swag nonsense, but even more ridiculous, like on some ADHD type of swag. To be honest though, I can’t really say what the top brands were up to, because I wasn’t even allowed into the booth because at that level you had to have an appointment, and be a buyer to see their clothing. But from what I could see, I think 10 DEEP is the most creative and unique so far. I used to like ROOK, but I wasn’t really feeling where they’re going with the brand this season. All in all, walking the trade show floor, was a great experience. All I have to do now is put my money where my mouth is.

As far as Agenda Emerge, that is what really made me leave inspired and really want to take things to the next level. Hearing words of wisdom from those four guys was priceless. I really liked what Jeff Staple said, and Johnny Cupcakes. Ironically, Coup Street and Staple both share a similar love for the pigeon and both of our logos are a pigeon, but they are both for different reasons. One of the best and most important things I took from it was, ya right I’m not gonna tell you. I paid good money to hear that shit. Go buy a ticket next time. Hahaha!

Stay Hungry

Coup Street

Agenda Emerge Johnny Cupcakes


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Check out this dope coverage of our FOR L.A. BY L.A. event by Tommy Burns. (

Craola’s “Stop Haunting Me” at MK Gallery

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SMH…in awe that is. Seriously, I was standing in front of his pieces, looking at all the colors, highlights, and crazy imagination, simply shaking my head, in disbelief of how dope his work is. Several times throughout the night, I was like, “fuck it, I’m gonnna break the bank and buy one of these.” But obviously I had to stop myself, because I can’t afford a $10,000 painting right now. Unless you guys by my shirts! So check out the Coup Street store now and buy something so I can afford a Craola painting! LOL. Well, schedule some time between now and May 4th to go see it at MK Gallery. You should definitely go check it out. Don’t miss IMPrint Tees offer and seeing this incredible work in person.

MK Gallery – 170 S. La Brea Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90036Craola Stop Haunting Me at MK Gallery

Craola Stop Haunting Me at MK GalleryCraola Stop Haunting Me at MK Gallery

Full Circle Show – April 2013

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Full Circle Show April 2013On Saturday, we stopped by the Full Circle Show and said what’s up to some of the folks, and brands we’ve met there. Full Circle is truly a grass roots art movement, that gets bigger every time. This time we met some of the artists from the brand Fat Kid. Their brand has a similar concept to ours, in that “everyone’s a fat kid trying to eat.” Eat, being the metaphor of hard work and being hungry. They’ll be one of the vendors at our For L.A. by L.A. event on May 18th. So be sure to check them out.

Red Bull Curates Canvas Cooler

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Coup Street hit up the Red Bull Canvas Cooler event in West Hollywood Thursday night to check out some of L.A.’s best artists compete for a chance to go to Art basil in Miami.

White Buffalo • Rose Masterpol • Dan Monteavaro • Jill Knox • Sand • SEK • Look At • Mtendere ‘Teebs’ • Annie Preece • Allison ‘Hueman’ Torneros • SEPTERHED • Blinky • TaylorSays • Man One • James Haunt • AJL • Vyal One • Mear One • SEIZER-ONE • 2WENTY

Twenty artists put their artwork onto Red Bull coolers as the public and guest judges voted on their favorite. At the end of the night, James Haunt and White Buffalo won a trip to Art Basil in Miami.

It was a dope event. Free drinks. Amazing work and we got a chance to meet some artists and fellow sticker heads. By the end of the night, Coup Street and some other folks had their own organically designed cooler out on the patio. Check out some flicks from the night.

Shout out to Angry Elephant and Sticky Rick. Let’s build!

Check for more info.

Redbull Curates Canvas Cooler Los Angeles

Redbull Curates Canvas Cooler Los Angeles

Redbull Curates Canvas Cooler Los Angeles