Beat Swap Meet No. 21 – Los Angeles

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Once again we set up at the Beat Swap Meet in Chinatown. Always great vibes. We had our “Fight For Your Farms” shirt on sale for the first time (a DweebKid x Coup Street collabo), which was a big hit. Good to know the awareness of GMO’s is getting around. See you all at the next on in September.

Beat Swap Meet No. 21- Los AngelesBeat Swap Meet No. 21- Los AngelesBeat Swap Meet No. 21- Los AngelesBeat Swap Meet No. 21- Los Angeles


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Check out this dope coverage of our FOR L.A. BY L.A. event by Tommy Burns. (

For L.A. by L.A. – Recap

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First off, we just want to give a big thank you to McLogan for letting us use their location, and giving us the chance to throw something amazing. Secondly, a big thank you to all the artists that donated their time and skills to paint on the wall. It was incredible seeing all of them and all their different styles, side by side. We also want to thank the DJ’s for the great music, all of our sponsors, and all the brands that came out to be apart of our first show. We had about 600 people show up that donated cans, or cash to the L.A. Mission. By the end of the day, we raised $1,018 and over 300 cans of food. These photos wont be able to do the experience of the day justice, so if you missed the incredible vibe, you’ll have to come out next time. You can see all of the photos on our Facebook Page. Where we are trying to buy twitter followers constantly to increase our fan base.

Photos taken by Paul Alvarez Jr.

For LA by LA at McLoganFor LA by LA at McLoganFor LA by LA at McLoganFor LA by LA at McLoganFor LA by LA Annie PreeceFor LA by LA Vyal OneFor LA by LA Man OneFor LA by LA AiseFor LA by LA SanoFor LA by LA White BuffaloFor LA by LA Michael SerpasFor LA by LA Sal

Craola’s “Stop Haunting Me” at MK Gallery

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SMH…in awe that is. Seriously, I was standing in front of his pieces, looking at all the colors, highlights, and crazy imagination, simply shaking my head, in disbelief of how dope his work is. Several times throughout the night, I was like, “fuck it, I’m gonnna break the bank and buy one of these.” But obviously I had to stop myself, because I can’t afford a $10,000 painting right now. Unless you guys by my shirts! So check out the Coup Street store now and buy something so I can afford a Craola painting! LOL. Well, schedule some time between now and May 4th to go see it at MK Gallery. You should definitely go check it out. Don’t miss IMPrint Tees offer and seeing this incredible work in person.

MK Gallery – 170 S. La Brea Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90036Craola Stop Haunting Me at MK Gallery

Craola Stop Haunting Me at MK GalleryCraola Stop Haunting Me at MK Gallery

Full Circle Show – April 2013

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Full Circle Show April 2013On Saturday, we stopped by the Full Circle Show and said what’s up to some of the folks, and brands we’ve met there. Full Circle is truly a grass roots art movement, that gets bigger every time. This time we met some of the artists from the brand Fat Kid. Their brand has a similar concept to ours, in that “everyone’s a fat kid trying to eat.” Eat, being the metaphor of hard work and being hungry. They’ll be one of the vendors at our For L.A. by L.A. event on May 18th. So be sure to check them out.

Red Bull Curates Canvas Cooler

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Coup Street hit up the Red Bull Canvas Cooler event in West Hollywood Thursday night to check out some of L.A.’s best artists compete for a chance to go to Art basil in Miami.

White Buffalo • Rose Masterpol • Dan Monteavaro • Jill Knox • Sand • SEK • Look At • Mtendere ‘Teebs’ • Annie Preece • Allison ‘Hueman’ Torneros • SEPTERHED • Blinky • TaylorSays • Man One • James Haunt • AJL • Vyal One • Mear One • SEIZER-ONE • 2WENTY

Twenty artists put their artwork onto Red Bull coolers as the public and guest judges voted on their favorite. At the end of the night, James Haunt and White Buffalo won a trip to Art Basil in Miami.

It was a dope event. Free drinks. Amazing work and we got a chance to meet some artists and fellow sticker heads. By the end of the night, Coup Street and some other folks had their own organically designed cooler out on the patio. Check out some flicks from the night.

Shout out to Angry Elephant and Sticky Rick. Let’s build!

Check for more info.

Redbull Curates Canvas Cooler Los Angeles

Redbull Curates Canvas Cooler Los Angeles

Redbull Curates Canvas Cooler Los Angeles

Slap Ya Mama & Copro Gallery Futurology

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Last night we hit up the Slap Ya Mama Sticker Exchange & Art Show that we participated in. It was tight being amongst a community of sticker heads, and graff writers. Shout out to Angel Once aka Angry Elephant for putting together the event.

Slap Ya Mama Sticker ExchangeSlap Ya Mama Sticker Exchange

After trading a few stickers and slapping a few spots, we hit up the Copro Gallery in Santa Monica for the Futurology Group Exhibit alongside the Heidi Taillefer opening of Land of the Blind. Saw some really amazing artwork. I discovered the artwork of Jason Hite. That dude has some amazing work. He had two pieces there. The American Nightmare and Game of Drones. I can’t say enough how much these two pieces speak volumes about our society and where we need to realize that it’s heading. Another dope piece of art I discovered was the work of Timothy Robert Smith. He painted a picture of the Los Angeles streets. It’s super sick. And lastly, in a separate room was the amazing work of Heidi Taillefer. I wish I could’ve gotten more photos. Her work was so realistic looking and popped with colors and imagination. Go check out the artists and the gallery before it goes away.

Info on Artists:

Jason Hite –

Timothy Robert Smith –

Heidi Taillefer

Copro Gallery Futurology Game of Drones Jason HiteCopro Gallery American Nightmare Jason HiteCopro Gallery Futurology Timothy Robert SmithCopro Gallery Heidi Taillefer Land of the Blind

Coup Street and the Left Coast Family

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Coup Street is happy to announce a new affiliate that we will be working and building with, Left Coast Gear aka Left Coast Family based out of Oceanside, CA. We met them at the L.A. Breakers 30th Anniversary show, chopped it up, realized we both share similar missions and goals and decided we should work together. Similar to us, they like to promote others and are out to shed a light on the hustle and hard work of artists of all mediums.

Left Coast Family is Hip Hop. They are a group of people working together to promote each others skills. The Left Coast Fam is made up of MCs, BBoys, DJs and Graffiti Artists. Although they are based out Southern California, they have members from the Bay Area all the to New York. They support projects through advertising and attending the events. They offer networking through online social media and advertise Fam members album releases, events, shows, battles, website launches, and other projects facilitated by the Fam. They even offer advertising resources through their in-house graphic designers.

For more info on Left Coast check out or

Left Coast Affiliates Coup Street

Guess who is throwing an Art Show! – For L.A. by L.A. Presented by Coup Street

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That’s right everyone. We’ve attended and participated in enough great events that’s it’s time we throw our own. So get ready for “For L.A. by L.A.” Los Angeles artitsts and entrepreneurs putting it down for one day to give back to the community.

For L.A. by L.A. May 18th McLogan


Beat Swap Meet 3/17/2013

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Today we hit up the Beat Swap Meet in Chinatown/Downtown LA for the second time this year, and as expected, there was a great crowd. A lot of passion, a lot of culture, and a great place to experience all the elements of Hiphop within a 1 block radius. Shout out to Beat Swap Meet and all the folks that came out today. See y’all next time! Stay Hungry.

Beat Swap Meet ChinatownBeat Swap Meet ChinatownBeat Swap Meet ChinatownBeat Swap Meet Chinatown