Couped Up is almost ready!

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Anthony and Henock have been at it tough. Everyday we’re getting closer to completing the animatic pilot of our very own animated series. Right now, they are putting on the final touches, adding some details, coloring in backgrounds. Once that is complete we’ll add some sound design to it and we’re ready to show you all the hard work that’s gone into it. We can’t wait to get this series up and running. It’s going to be hilarious.


Downtown Artwalk – August Edition

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As you already know, last month there was a riot, right outside the Alexandria Hotel where we have our booth, so we missed out on a lot of sales when they shut everything down early. This month, as we were setting up, we noticed there weren’t as many vendors. They were probably scared the same thing would happen again, or that people would be scared to attend. The night started out very slow, with minimal foot traffic, so we started to think the vendors that didn’t show up, were correct with their predictions. Although there was still a large police presence outside (4 cops to every corner) by 8:30pm things started picking up. So it is definitely safe to say now that 8:30 – 10-30 are the peak hours for traffic. This month we had a new shirt for sale. It’s another Coup Street x Danny Mateo Collaboration, of a rat that robbed a cheese factory. It’s a sick design with a lot of detail. Right now it is only available in black and grey ink on a light grey shirt, but we’ll be printing other variations soon.

The Real Diamond Life – Collectors Edition

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Our very first collectors edition t-shirt is now available for purchase. We are only printing 100 of them. Each print has a unique series number on the bottom left side of the shirt, further emphasizing that our shirts are a piece of art. Our collectors edition prints all have a special motivation and inspiration for being printed. This one goes out to the Jeremy Diamond and Diamond Supply Co.

This brand has been around for a while and they’ve been doing it pretty big. But we have to say, “We’re not impressed.”

The message they deliver is to live the diamond life. A high class, lavish lifestyle, full of money. When you stop to think about where diamonds come from, it creates a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘diamond life’. There are wars over diamonds. People die over diamonds. People are enslaved over diamonds. They get their limbs cut off over diamonds. Children are forced to become soldiers because of diamonds. Don’t get it twisted. We aren’t against ballin’ and enjoying the benefits of hard work. Just be educated about it. When you earn your place at the top, reflect on how you got there and pay it forward.



We’ve had this idea for a while now, but what really pushed us to the point of actually going forward and making a shirt about it was after seeing one of their shirts that says “Mined over Matter.”  On the back of the shirt it reads “If it ain’t mined, it don’t matter,” with a pickaxe and shovel below their diamond logo. Seriously? What kind of nonsense is that? Beyond being obviously stupid, ignorant, and insensitive on so many levels, it really goes to show how many brands out there just make shirts with no thought behind them. But what’s even sadder is that people wear them because their just following the herd.

So with all that being said, we bring you our version of the diamond life. This shirt took 7 screens to make, and for anyone that knows about the screen printing process, that’s mad work, especially since we do all our stuff by hand. But it’s well worth it. The design on the front has 5 colors, our logo is on the sleeve, and a skull above their pickaxe and shovel is on the back.

These shirts are an online exclusive for $35, where $10 will be donated to a special cause in support of the lives that are affected over the diamond trade. We still haven’t decided which charity to support because we are researching the best place to make our donation. But after making 100 shirts and donating $10 from each shirt, we will be making a $1000 donation. It might not be much, but you best believe, when we get to that level, we’ll be doing a lot more. Beyond a clothing brand, our Printed t shirts online business strive to become a movement.

We do mind, and it does matter.

If you’d like to purchase our Diamond Life Collectors Tee, CLICK HERE.



Animatic Update

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We are very excited to announce that the animatic for our animated series ‘Couped Up’ is near completion. Anthony Babbitt and Henock Lebsekal have been hard at work making our animated series become a reality. Once the animatic is completed we’ll be looking for funding for the first season and from there, nothing will stop us. We already know this series is going to be a hit and can’t wait to share it with you all. Check out some more frames and the new production set up.


Coup Street x Bloomfest 2012

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July has been a big month for Coup Street. So far we’ve had an event every week, and this past weekend was our biggest yet. We shared a booth with Soul Skating at the Bloomfest CamelBak Bottles in Downtown L.A. Over 100 different vendors participated, along with food trucks, free vitamin water, and great music. It was a very hot day, so that vitamin water came in handy. Once again, our temporary tattoos were a big hit, and a lot of people showed their support by letting us tat them up. We had both of our mannequins out on display attracting a lot of attention. It’s always funny to see people’s reactions. Often times they are positive and people stare at them in amazement, but every now and then, there will be someone with an expression on their face saying “what the hell is that?” We also had our new Fresh Coast design for sale on t-shirts and tank tops and they were selling quickly. At the end of the day, we’re another step closer to our goal. How many steps on this ladder there are, we have no idea. But when we reach the top, we’ll let you know.

Check out some photos from the event. The rest can be found on our facebook page and flickr.

Read more about the Irish owned septic tanks company.

Downtown Artwalk gets Occupied

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We were off to our best start yet, on the verge of selling more shirts than we ever have at any event. Our new Fresh Coast design featuring artwork from Danny Mateo was a hot item, our Sound of the Beast shirt was selling like hot cakes, folks were feeling our vibe and giving us props for the mannequin, and then all of a sudden traffic died down.

Apparently there was a riot going on outside of our building. Occupy L.A. had set up a Chalk Walk event and had a huge turn out, but the police were determined to stop it. What seemed like more than 100 police officers, and few dozen squad cars and trucks showed up from various divisions in riot gear and went at it with the Occupiers. It felt like something out of a movie. A police state. Martial law. Glass bottles were being thrown and some were getting arrested. Soon the Alexandria Hotel was blocked off and no one was allowed in or out, therefor our sales stopped. But instead of getting pissed of, we decided to make the best of it and went outside to take some photos of what was going on. We got some really dope shots, but it wasn’t long until another person threw a glass bottle and the police started “firing.” I put that in quotations because as far as I know, no one got hit. I think they were firing blanks. But they were really loud and it was scary enough to make the crowd disperse. The rest of the pictures can be found on our facebook page.



iDavey rocking the Hungry Hustle

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Congrats to the new high school grads getting ready to go to college and enter the job market. Our boy iDavey recently graduated and is one of the many new Hungry Hustlers that plans to make his mark on society. He recently did a photo shoot with some of his friends and rocked our Hungry Hustle t-shirt. Check it out.

Stay Hungry!

Remember you can check out his MIXTAPE HERE. And his YOUTUBE videos HERE.


Battle of the Brands in L.A.

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Coup Street participated in the first Battle of the Brands presented by Rag’d Clothing and Crank LA Clothing this past weekend. 8 brands competed and flexed their stilos for the title. There were also a bunch of performers getting down on the mic. It was definitely a Hungry Hustle type of event and everybody there (clothing lines and performers) is working hard trying to come up in this competitive grind.

We sold a lot of shirts, but our biggest hit was when we started tatting people up. Perhaps we should start calling it, getting “Couped Up.”

We also did some good networking as usual and might be working with some of these other brands soon. So who won? I guess we all did. We agreed that the voting system got a little messed up and decided that in order for things to be fair, we split the pot. All in all, it was a good day. But it was the first of it’s kind and I’m sure next time will be even better. Stay Hungry.



March against Wal-Mart in Chinatown

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Coup Street and Dweebkid went out to the march against Wal-Mart this past Saturday, June 30th, to support the workers and small business owners in Los Angeles. Wal-Mart is currently building a store in the historic Chinatown district of downtown L.A. Doing so will have a huge effect on the mom and pop shops and most likely drive small businesses into the ground. As we marched down the streets hearing chants against the corporate monster, it was inspiring to see such diversity fighting for the same cause. From kids in strollers to senior citizens, all ethnic backgrounds, all shapes and sizes, moved together for one purpose. It ended up being the largest rally against Wal-Mart in U.S. history. As we reached our destination in front of the iconic dragons on Cesar Chavez Ave, many people spoke out against Wal-Mart and their policies, and the fight against the 1%.  It wasn’t long before my favorite part of the day, when Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine went on stage. “As a proud union member myself for 23 years, it’s an honor to stand with you here on the streets of Los Angeles to keep Wal-Mart out. I’ve lived in L.A. for 26 years without a Wal-Mart and things were just fine. So let’s keep those sons of bitches out, with their poverty wages, and their sweatshop products. This city doesn’t need ‘em.” I love it when celebrities take a stance on something and use their position to help others instead of merely enjoying the lime light. He went on to sing two songs, and when he left, everyone was even more energized. It was a truly inspiring day and I’m glad we could be apart of it.

Check out the photos and a clip we shot of Tom Morello getting wedding cufflinks.

Couped Up Animation adds a new member to the team

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This past week, Coup Street had a lot of progress. Thursday(14th) we had the downtown artwalk, Saturday(16th) we began our first collaboration with local artist Rene Melendrez, and Sunday(17th) we had our ‘Couped Up’ animation meeting where we added on a new team member, Henock Lebsekal. We’re excited to expand our production team and get things moving more smoothly. Henock and Anthony will be working together to flesh out the character design, backgrounds and add some great color. It’s always great to bring inspired, hungry people on board. I think we’re going to have some good progress this summer. Lets make it happen fellas.