Freddy E from Jerk TV rocking the Hungry Hustle

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If you haven’t heard of Jerk TV on youtube, you’re missing out. Jerk TV is a weekly vlog where host Freddy E talks about anything and everything. From “Hoes vs. Freaks” to taking the infamous cinnamon challenge. Flat out, dude is hilarious and makes some very good points on many subjects that most people ponder themselves. In this past weeks chapter titled, “Wrong Reasons to get into a Relationship” Freddy E can be seen rocking our popular limited edition Hungry Hustle shirt. Check it out. For more info please visit

You can find more of Freddy E on JerkTV @ or follow him on twitter @Freddy_E

The Coup Street Mannequin

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After long hours, hard work, and much attention to detail, the Coup Street Mannequin is complete. We took a black mannequin and covered it with over 10 different colors throughout the entire body. It took an extreme amount of patience and over 100 hours of work, but as you can see it looks wicked as F#@%! Check it out live in it’s acrylic flesh at the Downtown Artwalk every 2nd Thursday of the month at the Coup Street booth.


Coup Street x Danny Mateo x Venice Beach

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Our friend Danny ‘Cels’ Mateo painted a quick mural for us at the Venice Art Walls down at Venice beach. Since we recorded the process, and the walls are right next to the skate park, we decided to hook up some of the local skaters with our gear and make a promo video. Here is the video of Danny doing his thing mixed in with some skating. It has a little Wizard of Oz twist to it. Enjoy.

Coup Streets first Artwalk in Downtown Los Angeles

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Coup Street participated in its first Downtown L.A. Art Walk. It takes place every 2nd Thursday of the month. We had our booth at the Alexandria Hotel on 501 Spring St. It was a great night and we got a lot of positive feedback on our shirts. It feels great when we see how much people like our stuff and keeps us motivated to make more. Our mannequins and masks were a big hit, so we’ll probably end up selling masks at some point too. We’ll be there every month from now on, so come check us out.

Coup Street teams up with hiphop artist iDavey

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As always, Coup Street respects those on their grind. Originally from Baltimore, iDavey is a young and hungry hiphop musician that currently resides in Claymont, Delaware. We decided to work together in our journey to the top. You can follow iDavey on twitter here, or listen to his music on youtube. He is also currently doing a weekly song request through his twitter account where fans can request a song and he will write lyrics to the instrumental version, and make a vlog that can be seen on his youtube account. Check him out.

This is a dope track that goes well with the concept of Coup Street.

Gootecks wears Coup Street shirt on Cross Counter TV

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Gootecks from Cross Counter TV stopped by our booth at the Downtown L.A. Art Walk and was feeling our new Hungry Hustle t-shirt and Dementia clocks so check this out .

“Cross Counter TV is an entertainment network for fighting game fans.  Cross Counter Live is the new LIVE hub of the fighting game community, hosted by veterans Gootecks and Mike Ross. They cover tournament news and linked here is the source results as well as feature guest appearances and high-level game play from the best players in the community.”  – Cross Counter TV

To watch a clip of it, click here.
  For more info please visit

Now at Eightywood Boutique!

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We are very happy to announce that Coup Street clothing is now available at the Eightywood Boutique, in Inglewood, California. Eightywood is a new boutique that specializes in bringing you the latest brands, hip clothing, and supporting local artists. After getting in contact with them, we are now working together to get us both to the next level. It’s all about collaboration and building a strong team.

2012 is looking good so far!


Stop by and check it out.

The boutique is located at 335 W. Arbor Vitae Street in Inglewood, California 90301

Coup Street Meets Mike Tyson

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Well it looks like this is our first blog, and it’s a pretty exciting one. This weekend Coup Street was in Las Vegas, NV for the “Pacquiao vs. Marquez 3″ fight. We decided to test our luck selling some Manny Pacquiao shirts on the strip. We had no idea what it would be like, only that there would be tons of traffic and hopefully people interested in buying a Coup Street Manny Pacquiao shirt. It was definitely harder than we expected and with a lot of risk involved. We learned very quickly that if you get caught, they confiscate all your merchandise, you get fined, and put in jail. We took that risk anyway. We only sold a few shirts, but it was a good experience, and a way to deduce what we shouldn’t be doing in order to get our clothing more exposure. As we were walking back to the hotel, we saw that the heavyweight champ was having an autograph signing inside the MGM. We thought to ourselves, “If we wanna get the word out about Coup Street, we should hit up Tyson and try to get a picture with him.” If you didn’t already know, Iron Mike is a big fan of pigeons. He recently had a show air on Animal Planet about his latest passion which is racing pigeons. On the show he talks about how pigeons have played a huge role in his life, and he always found comfort in his coop. It’s a really great show, so if you haven’t seen it yet, you should definitely check it out. Anyway, because of the mutual love for the feathered friend, we only saw it fit to try and get a photo. As we waited in line, a guy from his entourage noticed my hat. It has a pigeon on it. “Yo, Mike! Check out his hat!” We spoke briefly, seeing as how there was a huge line of anxious fans waiting to get an autograph and a picture. “Do you mind holding up one of our stickers in the photo?” I asked. “It’s our new brand called Coup Street. C-O-U-P as in Coup d’etat.” Mike looked at the sticker. “You mean like a takeover?” he asked. “Exactly.” He gave me the nod of approval and we turned to the camera. “Hey that’s gonna cost you extra!” Some corporate guy in charge of the autograph signing yelled out. “If Mike’s gonna hold up that sticker it’s gonna cost you!” Mike wasn’t having it. “Man, I’ll hold up the sticker if I want to!” The guy stepped back and let us take the photo. Before I left, Mike asked me my name and where I was from before giving me some dab. He was definitely feeling the the logo. A nice start to Coup Street.


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