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For L.A. by L.A. – Recap

First off, we just want to give a big thank you to McLogan for letting us use their location, and giving us the chance to throw something amazing. Secondly, a big thank you to all the artists that donated their time and skills to paint on the wall. It was incredible seeing all of them and all their different styles, side by side. We also want to thank the DJ’s for the great music, all of our sponsors, and all the brands that came out to be apart of our first show. We had about 600 people show up that donated cans, or cash to the L.A. Mission. By the end of the day, we raised $1,018 and over 300 cans of food. These photos wont be able to do the experience of the day justice, so if you missed the incredible vibe, you’ll have to come out next time. You can see all of the photos on our Facebook Page. Where we are trying to buy twitter followers constantly to increase our fan base.

Photos taken by Paul Alvarez Jr.

For LA by LA at McLoganFor LA by LA at McLoganFor LA by LA at McLoganFor LA by LA at McLoganFor LA by LA Annie PreeceFor LA by LA Vyal OneFor LA by LA Man OneFor LA by LA AiseFor LA by LA SanoFor LA by LA White BuffaloFor LA by LA Michael SerpasFor LA by LA Sal

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