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The Hungry Hustle with Joe Ded

It’s really amazing how much greater your appreciation for an artist can grow once you hear them explain what they had in mind. A lot of times artists like to leave the interpretation up to the viewer, but in some cases you get the pleasure of knowing what was going on inside the mind of the artist while they were painting. We recently interviewed Joe Ded about his art, and now that we have a greater understanding of the thoughts running through his head, I truly am blown away by this guys work. Joe Ded’s versatility is crazy. Literally. He has such a wide range of styles and characters he likes to paint that it really does prove he’s got a lot shit going on inside that head of his. We all think about random things, have weird, trippy ideas, but it’s very difficult to put what’s in your head onto a wall, canvas, toy or what ever platform you use to express yourself.

Check out our interview to get a better understanding of the thoughts inside Joe’s head.

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