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Mear One at the CAVE Gallery

We went to go check out the opening of Mear One‘s exhibit at the Cave gallery. It was a collection of Mear’s live art pieces from 2003-2012. In my opinion, Mear is one of the illest artists around today. I’m a big fan of when artists bring a graffiti flavor to fine art.  Not only do his sick style and trademark techniques stand out, but for me, the messages and images in his work have a big impact. Art is one of the best ways to get a message across. When you have the ability to say something without speaking and communicate to the viewer using images that evoke emotion and inspiration, you know you’ve reached a level of artistry that is hard to achieve. In the same way that Bob Marley believed the world could be changed through music, I believe it can be changed through art too.

Mear One art at the Cave GalleryMear One art at the Cave GalleryMear One art at the Cave Gallery

Not only was it a great show, but guess who showed up? Ron Finley! If you don’t know about Ron Finley, you really have to read up on what he’s doing for the community of South L.A. and all over the world. He is one of our main inspirations for donating to the Los Angeles Community Garden Council at our last For L.A. by L.A. – The GMO Show.

Ron Finley the Guerilla Gardener

Seeing Ron Finley at the Mear show really made me think. When you’ve got someone as powerful with words as Ron Finley, and you bring him together with someone as equally powerful with a paint brush like Mear, you have something special and a great opportunity to tap into the minds of the public and get them inspired on some real necessary changes that need to take place in our society. I’m envisioning a show with Mear painting live and Ron Finley speaking. Let’s do it!

Check out this video of Ron speaking on Ted TV a while back. Get inspired!



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