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Annie Preece For LA by LA

Annie has lived many lifetimes. Born in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1981, Preece was welcomed into a family of accomplished and recognized artists. Art enveloped her and she began demonstrating her own abilities by age five. With encouragement from her family, her natural talent blossomed. At sixteen she was one of the first female underground guerilla graffiti artists in San Francisco and had gained a respected reputation with other urban artists for her free flowing use of color and her personal intense style. With a move to Santa Cruz, she started painting canvases instead of walls and her work was an instant hit with locals, selling quickly at several venues in the Central Coast town. Traveling further south to Los Angeles, Preece is working hard to conquer the urban art scene. Preece has had no formal art training and her work shows up on the self described big-messy-pop-loud-humorous-sometimes political canvases and other surfaces.  Annie’s pieces are large in size, emotion and feeling and can be seen and enjoyed in many galleries, art walks, and walls in the area. Preece, silly and sassy, is flourishing in the City of Angels.

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