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Originating from the east coast but currently residing on the west coast, Abduls musical influences are strongly rooted in the sounds and styles of soulful music. His musical style and knowledge is much more diverse than your average House Dj. He has over a decade of experience in Djing. In this time he has been asked to play at numerous club’s, raves, beach party’s, undergrounds, and special events. Beginning his career in San Francisco, Abdul quickly made a name for himself as a true advocate of soulful house music. There he found himself spinning at respected venues and sold records at “Daddy’s Records” in Berkeley. He constantly added heat to his record collection, not only collecting house, but also rare grooves, soul and hip hop. Relocating to LA, Abdul quickly found himself immersed in the house scene in LA. He started his own event’s, THANG on Thursdays and 2nd Sundayz every Sunday of every month as well as underground after hours events. He began to meet many other house heads involved in the LA house community.
In 2007 it was through this avenue Abdul met RudyC. (founder of “FTWK”). RudyC. Was so impressed with his style and knowledge he asked him to become a partner in the company.
In 2008 Besides co-running Ftwk his current other affiliations include Soul Hollywood. Soul Hollywood is an A List soul food restaurant/catering/events/promotions company dealing with many of Hollywood’s celebrities and entertainers.
In 2009 he was asked to become a resident Dj on Sunset blvd, Santa monica blvd and Beverly Hills as well as spinning at various other gigs.
1n 2010 he has emerged on his own and has brought his event called THANG back into action at a bigger location. He has aqiured some of LA’s favorite Dj’s to be monthly residents of his event THANG.
Abdul combines his knowledge of mixing music with the cutting edge technology of the Dj industry to create unforgettable mixes.


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