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For LA by LA LiHai Art Coup Street

LiHai is a Los Angeles brand representing the SoCal urban lifestyle. They emphasize unique, intricate artwork and high-quality fashion. LiHai artwork is rooted in the Southern California urban culture, with a Hip-Hop twist, influenced by the love for music, art, and life. Each work of LiHai art is complex, and there is always more than initially meets the eye; illusion, pattern, and language are incorporated into the artwork. As a promotion of the LiHai Brand, Darel-C “sharpied” his car, a white Honda Civic. This freehand project took about a week. People who knew of DC’s plan suggested he simply get a vinyl decal, but his intention was to do something ‘LiHai’… treat his car as a canvas and create a work of art. Darel-C (DC) has been an artist for as long as he can remember. Raised in the Inland Empire, Southern California, DC’s art reflects the cultural influences around him while growing up. He always had an artistic interest and enjoyed drawing as a hobby. This, combined with his love for music, led him into the underground hip-hop world. In middle school he got into breaking and graffiti; in high school he continued with graffiti and began to DJ; after high school he tattooed for a while… but he ultimately entered the Air Force. During his military hiatus, he saw many places, learned two languages (one of which is Chinese, hence the name LiHai), and met many great people. While in the military he continued to draw on and off, mostly commissions for bands, rap groups, and organizations. But in 11 years, his goals in life crystallized, and he left the Air Force to go back to the West Coast and pursue his passion: To create his own art, to see his own ideas come to life, to express and convey thoughts with ridiculously ridiculous art. He now resides in Los Angeles, where he comes down with the mad wicked style!

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