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Mice of millions


I am an illustrator focusing primarily on social satire and cartoon analogies. I am endlessly fascinated with the use of line work and graffiti. I love to draw and create useful applications for artwork that would usually not be considered “marketable.”

Thanksamillion Coup Street For LA by LA

“I have started a series of collaborations with Thanks one. We work in tandem and go by the moniker of THANKSAMILLION. Thanks has worked with me on several projects in the past and our styles compliment each other nicely. This is part of an ongoing public mural project, one that I hope will continue long into the future. These are independently funded, so the narrative is pure. The cost of the production for a project like this easily goes into the thousands so support will be crucial for success as the size and scope continues to grow.”

-Mice of MillionsThanksamillion Coup Street For LA by LA

Find out more at and on instagram @miceofmillions


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