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Michael Serpas For LA by LA

Michael Serpas is a graphic designer and illustrator driven by passion and a dream. Growing up in the neighborhood of Los Angeles, he was exposed to graffiti and the beauty of what it meant to live in such an outspoken proud city. At the age 15, he was forced to leave his friends and beloved city behind. Michael and his family moved out to the San Fernando Valley where he was friendless and reminiscent of the graffiti culture of Los Angeles. Michael began keeping a sketchbook and a pen handy as an outlet for all his thoughts and emotions.  He found a passion for the arts and was heavily influenced by the urban graffiti scene of Los Angeles but also very intrigued by the fine arts. He continued to produce art anywhere he could on any platform or canvas he could.He enjoys painting on odd and unconventional items as well as the occasional traditional canvas. Michael is also influenced by artist such as: Greg Simkins, Tim Burton, and graffiti artist Ewokone. Michael’s style began to evolve into being very illustrative and bold. He enjoys using contrast and heavy line composition to capture the viewer’s eye. His content mainly revolves around his personal thoughts on life and society, but is subject to the occasional emotional driven painting. His art is an extension of his lifestyle and thought process. In 2008, Michael and his friends founded FatKid, a street-wear clothing company, where he is a graphic designer. FatKid hosts and participates in multiple art related events such as the Los Angeles Art Walk. Michael usually does live paintings at FatKid events to show the audience the process of his artwork.
Michael wants to help change people’s perspective of illustrative art and help close the gap between the modern and the traditional. Michael aspires to create a medium in which the two worlds can come together as one piece of work while telling the story of how a great artist came about.


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