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Sano For LA by LA

The SANOizm, born 1971 and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, began tagging in 1983. After graduating high-school in 89 Sano began working in a screen printing shop while doing layout and graphics on Cleveland’s first hip-hop magazine called “It’s A Rap”. With media access to hip-hop events, Sano connected with Terminator X of Public Enemy and MC Serch of 3rd Bass and would provide custom airbrushed jackets and freelance design work. A logo designed for Serchlite Music would find its way to the liner notes of Nas’ Illmatic Album.  Sano also created a hip-hop clothing n merchandise line that would change the landscape of the rustbelt city affectionately called Thieveland:216. By 93 Sano helped construct Cleveland’s second generation of aerosol artists under the name Cleveland Skribe Tribe. In 97 and 98 Sano competed in the International Graffiti Art Competition held in Los Angeles, CA and receieved several awards. Also in 97 Sano began a 5 year Artist-In-Residency in the photography dept of Cleveland School of the Arts. In 99 Sano became an advisor to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum’s hip-hop programs and helped the museum’s educational department in constructing one of the largest conferences on hip-hop to include many legends and pioneers from all 4 hiphop elements.  Sano also created a travelling hip-hop lecture-demonstration crew thru the musuem’s education department and would tour the eastern region of the US for two years.  After relocating to Los Angeles in 2002, Sano was instrumental in assembling Cleveland’s first Aerosol Art festival called CityXpressions. Sano would connect with ICU art in L.A. and work on painting local and national ad-mural campaigns. By 2006 Sano helped create Plutonium G Aerosol Colours in Detroit, MI. as the lead graphics person, lead research and development, Haz-mat certified CFR49 and IATA, and live painting product demonstrator. Since 2008 Sano taught an aerosol art class for a summercamp called Hip-hop island in Philadelphia, PA. In 2009 and 2010 Sano facilitated aerosol art summercamps for LA Mayor Villagairosa’s Gang Reduction and Youth Development program called Summer Night Lights. From 2008-2011 Sano also maintained the weekly aerosol art program at JUICE – a 501c3 non-profit community hip-hop practice space in Los Angeles. Sano currently maintains a private prototype design and print production studio in the heart of Chinatown, Los Angeles.


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