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Skid Row Quotes by Josue Rojas

Josue Rojas Skid Row Quotes Coup Street For LA by LA

The country is facing historic levels of poverty in the face of unprecedented wealth. 1% of the population own 41% of the wealth. The country has not suffered from this type of economic catastrophe since the great depression. The gap between the have and have-nots has reached unprecedented levels and the unemployment rate has increased exponentially. The former middle class are now the new poor and 1 out of 4 children live in poverty. This is a national disgrace and no community on the western hemisphere knows this better than the people who make their homes on the streets of Skid Row downtown Los Angeles.

Skid row is home to one of the largest homeless populations in the United States and for centuries has been historically know as one of the most dangerous district in Los Angeles. It’s a place where the human conditions of living are in a state of emergency and dehumanization plays a crucial role in the onlooker’s psyche. Everyday, thousands occupy these streets struggling to make it through another day of life while clutching onto their very last strands of faith.

These images are a collection of the individuals who make up the community of Skid Row Downtown Los Angeles. These portraits serve as a reflection and reminder that irrespective of society’s lack of acknowledgment they do indeed exist. They give presence to an underrepresented community and serve to empower and uplift the neighborhood spirit.

The preservation of Human Rights and Human Dignity is a social responsibility. If you have the means to make a positive impact within your community, it no longer becomes an option; it becomes a responsibility. It is morally absence to have this exist in the richest nation of the world!

The city’s attempt to keep this community from public view is put to challenge with this series that gives voice to the voiceless with a portrait of Hope.

All Photographs were shot on 35mm Black & White Film. Process, Development and Fiber Silver Gelatin Prints
By Josue Zeta Rojas. © -Zeta Photography- 2012


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