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For LA by LA Unify Through Art Coup Street

Unify Through Art’s main goal is to educate the youth in the importance of iconography on a global setting. An introspect on imagery and the influence of visual communication. Unify creates to inspire, sharing values of connecting youth globally influencing positive change. Collaborating with local and foreign movements generating awareness, using visual communication on garments and art. We are currently operating out of a live work space creating custom garments and mixed media graphic art. Print and sew, custom garments. We Unify Through Art. Unify is working towards collaborating with school Art Programs in the L.A. area offering screen printing workshops. Students will raise money for recreational areas and their schools Art Program funds. They aim to work with organizations locally and globally. With education and art, comes the desire to create opportunities. Influencing a broad group of individuals working as a collective to solidify a prosperous and beautiful future. The first fundraiser for Unify will commence in Summer of 2013 at the Boys and Girls Club of Malibu. Offering the students to partake in a 3 day course where they will be educated in logo design and screen printing. Students will design and create their own logos to print on shirts, canvas and art paper for auction at their art showing. Funds will be donated to The Boys and Girls Club of Malibu and the City of Malibu to help fund The Malibu Skatepark Project.

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