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Seventh Letter Grand Opening

This weekend we went to the grand opening of the Seventh Letter flagship store on Fairfax. For anyone that was there, you already know how crazy and packed it was. Ridiculous! A bunch of people didn’t get in and pretty much spent their night waiting outside in that cold ass weather. Luckily the guard on the opposite side of the line wasn’t really watching his post and we snuck right in. Anybody that got there before 10:00pm, hopefully you did the same before they blocked the entrance with some benches.

For me, the best part was seeing so many people there to support. Of course Seventh Letter and it’s affiliates are some of the top dogs of the graff game, so a big turn out is expected, but it really showed how strong the community is. I saw a glimpse of what could be if we all put our efforts together. Hundreds of graff heads under one roof, supporting each other, on a positive art tip? I love it! That’s the kind of audience we hope to have one day at our For L.A. by L.A. shows.

I really hope the Seventh Letter take things to an even higher level. It’s hard enough to find a way of making money at what you love to do, but you can’t stop there. With the type of following and support they had at their show, I think they have a real chance to start a movement. To each his own, but personally I believe that when you have that big of a following and influence over the masses, at that point you’re obligated to stand up for the voiceless. They have a chance to educate, because they have the public’s ear.  I know it was just a celebration of their opening, and I’m happy for their success, but I hope they realize how much power they have right now. Whatever they do, people will follow. It could be the beginning of something great. We’ll have to wait and see.

Seventh Letter Grand OpeningSeventh Letter Grand OpeningSeventh Letter Grand Opening

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