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Slap Ya Mama & Copro Gallery Futurology

Last night we hit up the Slap Ya Mama Sticker Exchange & Art Show that we participated in. It was tight being amongst a community of sticker heads, and graff writers. Shout out to Angel Once aka Angry Elephant for putting together the event.

Slap Ya Mama Sticker ExchangeSlap Ya Mama Sticker Exchange

After trading a few stickers and slapping a few spots, we hit up the Copro Gallery in Santa Monica for the Futurology Group Exhibit alongside the Heidi Taillefer opening of Land of the Blind. Saw some really amazing artwork. I discovered the artwork of Jason Hite. That dude has some amazing work. He had two pieces there. The American Nightmare and Game of Drones. I can’t say enough how much these two pieces speak volumes about our society and where we need to realize that it’s heading. Another dope piece of art I discovered was the work of Timothy Robert Smith. He painted a picture of the Los Angeles streets. It’s super sick. And lastly, in a separate room was the amazing work of Heidi Taillefer. I wish I could’ve gotten more photos. Her work was so realistic looking and popped with colors and imagination. Go check out the artists and the gallery before it goes away.

Info on Artists:

Jason Hite –

Timothy Robert Smith –

Heidi Taillefer

Copro Gallery Futurology Game of Drones Jason HiteCopro Gallery American Nightmare Jason HiteCopro Gallery Futurology Timothy Robert SmithCopro Gallery Heidi Taillefer Land of the Blind

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